wednesday nites

well last night i went down to see titties. we hit up the wednesday nite bike world ride. the wind was a little annoying but other than that it was a good ride. it was shocking to see how well im ridin after takin so much time off cause of my knee.

after the ride we hit up applebees for some beer and wings. it was delicious. then we watched the cubbies play the cards, and win.

well on the schedule for me is train for cross, work, and go to maine. yep in a week im headed to maine for a week to visit one of my best buds tom. it ought to be a hoot.

well thats all for now. im gonna try and put more junk on here that way you people can keep up on me. mostly just mom and dad.



wonder if titties is really into weiners.......


larry said...

there is no need to call me a retard. i was mearly stating a scientific fact, and based on the picture you put up of you and your friend, i can tell that you probably are quite small "down there" based on the large size of your nose (law of inverse proportions)

Anonymous said...

i'm glad to see you are at a fifth grade level of makin fun of people. i guess i cant do much bout my nose but you sir can do something about how big of a doushe bag u r. mabe you should get a life instead of making fun of people from behind a computer, nerd. hey you want my address so i can give you a little stamp and then you can really see how big it is...... didnt think so! just keep sittin there in ur computer chair thinkin of what a big man u are. in the mean while some other dudes will be out bangin ur ol' lady cause u cant take u'r nerdy face away from the computer. well i'm guessin a man of ur nerd level pry doesnt have one but in the event that u do.... dorks like u make me sick.
love beav

Anonymous said...

I think Larry is a SHEMALE with a Harley/leather fetsih.

No front teeh so he can give a Soft knob job when needed.

And as it sounds with the small size comment is speaking from his looking in the mirror

I would guess he has a pet name for his junk. Most likely "Little Larry".