well i made it to the great state of maine. the scenery is very beautiful here and the red hook brewery is about two minutes from where i sit. i got a feeln its gonna be a good trip :)
in other news there is a huge crit in portsmouth which is like ten minutes from here and guess who didnt bring a bike. oh well i'll go watch and sauce it up. dont get to just go and watch races anymore so it should e a nice change of pace....

wonder if titties has been practicin mounting and dismountin.....


Thaddeus Neil said...

Mounting and dismounting? His bike or his girlfriend? The racing is pretty good on the east coast. Have fun!

titties said...

dear beav,

i miss you dearly. please come home soon.


p.s. you know i can only practice mounting/dismounting on you

Anonymous said...

your blog is boring

Paul Varnum said...

Dear Beav,

We missed having you there this weekend. Hope to see you in Newton.

BTW, your blog have been hilfukinlarious lately. Please keep it up! Anons, put up or STFU.