well i made it home. things have been pretty hectic. got home and went to work. it always sux goin back to work after vacation, and it really sucks going back to work knowin that your missin cross races. the important thing is titties took home the win on saturday. yeah titties!!!!

i've got some pictures from my trip that i will post later. they are pretty kick ass.
well this weekend i got a race in newton. its gonna kick ass and i hope to see you all there. i mean its in a pretty central location so i better see everybody there. no its all the way on the other side of the state crap, right in the middle where the fun will be levels will be high and the competition levels will be even higher. 
well thats all for now
wonder if titties is gonna beat me this weekend......


chris hansen said...
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kpav said...

i wonder if titties is going to beat you too... umm.

titties said...

i was thinkin of u the entire time