on the road

yep me and b2u fellas are up at superweek right now. puttin miles on the car and in our legs.

we went to the clear lake races last weekend and dominated. i shouldn't say that i really dominated but our team did. on saturday we blocked the hell out of the crit so bryan could stay away and then i led will out for second so we could lock up the iowa cup. we all worked well together and had a big part in the race. not to say that i came away from that empty handed. there was an oakley prime and i took that. got these sweet radars. they are music to my eyes. sunday was the road race. i was feelin very well and sitting at the front and then bang!!! flat tire.... guess i ran over somethin good cause it slashed the shit out of that tire. any who sucked ridin home by myself but thats the way it goes. came in to find out we took 1,2,3,&5. mabe if i was there we could have took all five. haha that would have been sweet.

made the trek to chi town and we been relaxin before the races.

some guys are just bein goofy...

doin the bike racer thing.... gettin naked in the ghetto
we race monday at a...shall i say shady hood called richton park. us bikes to you boys attacked the shit out of the race like a fat kid and cake. we put in constant attacks. i talk to a guy after the race and he asked how many of us were out there. i told him four and his jaw dropped. he replied with, "no shit, felt like twenty of you out there." bryan chilled in the back and attacked at the end and stuck it for the victory. with andrew takin 5 in the field sprint. awesome. we definetly made that race our bitch too.
stuck aroun to see the big boys race.... those wheels are just fuckin awesome.....

well got to get in the shower and make sure my stache is lookin good. we are in bensonville today and tomorrow and then up to wisconsin. hopefully are luck will stay the same and we can pull out some more good results..
wonder if titties will ever let somebody else win.......


The Jackal said...

Damn!!! Dem wheels is straight pimpin'!!!!!

Paul Varnum said...

You still taking applications for the RAGBY "drinking buddy" job? I'm available all week!

I prolly won't be able to keep up, both on and off the bike, but I won't give up without a fight!

Carney said...

Those wheels are sweet... They would match my day glow fanny pack perfectly.