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last nite i went out with sum buddys from work to enjoy quater wings at our local watering hole. one of my buddies had asked me if i had ever had a moscow mule. i hadnt and so we ordered one up. they bring this thing out in this copper cup and i was like what the hell is this. but looks can be deceiving. it was magnificent. next time you go out for sum cocktails, no not cock bryan, order one of these babies up cause they are mmmm mmmm good. well after being introduced to that we were down to the saloon, our friend jaybo was preparing to eat a hundred wings in a half hour. you see a few weeks back he bet me he could do it and i told him no fuckin way...... so after lots of argueing and lots of beer the bet was made. and last night was the day of truth. look at all the greasy nasty goodness? well he tore into um like a mad man and in the first ten minutes he tore threw forty of um. i was like oh shit this is gonna cost me.

but you see the game of competitive eatin you need to have endurance and he burnt is candle to quick and after sixty he was done. i was impressed with a sixty count. i could barely eat a dozen.
i bet his toilet is feelin the hurt today. i guess he did put his money where his mouth was. but i think with some practice he could get to the century mark.
well off to enjoy my day off
wonder if titties has superimposed his face on anything else......

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The Swine King said...

that's story was crazy man!