thanks to papa tittes for the pic

well sorry for taking so long to post this one. i went and raced down in newton at the cross race a couple of weeks ago. it was good to taste blood from the lungs again. havent had any real efforts sinces state crit. its started out with me and titties lined up on the front along with sum others. it was decently spread apart and then tony came up late and wanted to squeeze in there with us. it should have been a sign of things to come. as paulos blew the whistle i jumped and got clipped in took one pedal stroke and all the sudden tonys leaning on me and then he rights himself and that caused me to roll into titties and to keep from wreckin titties out i had to slow down in which somebody hit me from behind. what a damn mess so needless to say i ended up at the first corner 8 or nine wheels back. not where i want to be. the rest of the race was about the same luck. on the second lap i thought the pedaling got awfully hard so a i pedal for another half lap or so thinking what the fuck, is a break rubbing, nope, some bearing i don't know about bad, nope something wrong wih my derailleur, yep. as i looked down i had a fucking course marker stuck in that derailleur threw both of the wheels. so i stopped and yanked it out and the flag part was still stuck wrapped around one wheel. so i pedaled up to the pit where paul varnum was waiting to help me out. then after that there was no way to make up that ground so i had a "fun" rest of the race and put putted around by my self in no mans land noticing what a nice day it was.
sucks some days it goes right and some days it goes wrong. not saying that my fitness is there but at least i got an excuse this time.
went out on a three and a half hour gravel grinder today. it started out great and then it rained and then it got windy and then the roads turned to shit, and then i got cold, and then i got home and jumped in the shower, and then i made pigs in a blanket, and then clark came over and gave me a beer and i shared my pigs in a blanket, and then clark left, and then i did some laundry. so it turned out to be an alright day.
well got to go to d-port this weekend and try to do good at cross. we will see i guess. titties and i are making the trip together, in the love machine, that ought to be a hoot.

wonder what titties is gonna try and pull in the love machine now that hes a single man again....


catchin up

went to maine saw some lobsters

then i ate um

met up w my bff tom

drank sum sauce
watched a bike race. notice arrow joe with the full tt set up. what a tool!!
stopped at sum brewerys...

saw how they did they're stuff
looked at sum scenery

saw the coast
and the coast again
ever get the chance go to maine. b-e-a-u-tiful
wonder if titties thinks i'm b-e-a-u-tiful.....



well i made it home. things have been pretty hectic. got home and went to work. it always sux goin back to work after vacation, and it really sucks going back to work knowin that your missin cross races. the important thing is titties took home the win on saturday. yeah titties!!!!

i've got some pictures from my trip that i will post later. they are pretty kick ass.
well this weekend i got a race in newton. its gonna kick ass and i hope to see you all there. i mean its in a pretty central location so i better see everybody there. no its all the way on the other side of the state crap, right in the middle where the fun will be levels will be high and the competition levels will be even higher. 
well thats all for now
wonder if titties is gonna beat me this weekend......



well i made it to the great state of maine. the scenery is very beautiful here and the red hook brewery is about two minutes from where i sit. i got a feeln its gonna be a good trip :)
in other news there is a huge crit in portsmouth which is like ten minutes from here and guess who didnt bring a bike. oh well i'll go watch and sauce it up. dont get to just go and watch races anymore so it should e a nice change of pace....

wonder if titties has been practicin mounting and dismountin.....


wednesday nites

well last night i went down to see titties. we hit up the wednesday nite bike world ride. the wind was a little annoying but other than that it was a good ride. it was shocking to see how well im ridin after takin so much time off cause of my knee.

after the ride we hit up applebees for some beer and wings. it was delicious. then we watched the cubbies play the cards, and win.

well on the schedule for me is train for cross, work, and go to maine. yep in a week im headed to maine for a week to visit one of my best buds tom. it ought to be a hoot.

well thats all for now. im gonna try and put more junk on here that way you people can keep up on me. mostly just mom and dad.



wonder if titties is really into weiners.......


another kind of biker

in the off time me and my other biker buddies have been touring the states on another kinda bike...

cruisin the great river road.....

lots of fun to be had....



wonder if titties would ride my hog.......


on the road

yep me and b2u fellas are up at superweek right now. puttin miles on the car and in our legs.

we went to the clear lake races last weekend and dominated. i shouldn't say that i really dominated but our team did. on saturday we blocked the hell out of the crit so bryan could stay away and then i led will out for second so we could lock up the iowa cup. we all worked well together and had a big part in the race. not to say that i came away from that empty handed. there was an oakley prime and i took that. got these sweet radars. they are music to my eyes. sunday was the road race. i was feelin very well and sitting at the front and then bang!!! flat tire.... guess i ran over somethin good cause it slashed the shit out of that tire. any who sucked ridin home by myself but thats the way it goes. came in to find out we took 1,2,3,&5. mabe if i was there we could have took all five. haha that would have been sweet.

made the trek to chi town and we been relaxin before the races.

some guys are just bein goofy...

doin the bike racer thing.... gettin naked in the ghetto
we race monday at a...shall i say shady hood called richton park. us bikes to you boys attacked the shit out of the race like a fat kid and cake. we put in constant attacks. i talk to a guy after the race and he asked how many of us were out there. i told him four and his jaw dropped. he replied with, "no shit, felt like twenty of you out there." bryan chilled in the back and attacked at the end and stuck it for the victory. with andrew takin 5 in the field sprint. awesome. we definetly made that race our bitch too.
stuck aroun to see the big boys race.... those wheels are just fuckin awesome.....

well got to get in the shower and make sure my stache is lookin good. we are in bensonville today and tomorrow and then up to wisconsin. hopefully are luck will stay the same and we can pull out some more good results..
wonder if titties will ever let somebody else win.......


back at 'er

well as most of you know im still alive....... hurray!
i've been a busy beaver. i guess i could go threw everything you all missed out on, but i wouldnt want you people to get a bad opinion of me.
i went racin a couple of weeks ago. titties and i put down some bikes to you law and won it. i think we animated the race nicely and pulled out the shake and bake like cal nortin jr. (talledega nites) mite want to watch for that at clear lake. you can try and stop us but im gonna tell u its impossible to stop the momentum of the sling shot.
anywho im not gonna bore you with my ridin stories. i mean how many times can u hear yeah i went out with clark and died, or titties really worked me today, or k-pav ripped my legs off. i could tell ya heart rate, power output, avg. speed, wind, route, food ate, beer drank.... wait thats kinda cool.... well i dont even have a speedo on my bike so i couldnt even tell ya shit. if i was a nerd enough to even record that crap i sure as hell would make myself look more like a geek by displaying some lame graph about shit that nobody cares about. i mean how many of you who are reading this actually care what somebody elses heart rate was at mile 32 of their ride. people need to get lives for sure. but i guess different stroke for different folks...
well beside my bikin i do have a life outside of thatand i think ill share a little of that with you all....

been doin a lot of chillin with the homie. you know hangin and drinkin on couches outside... classic
went to green days spotted a mobster......
i recently turned the big 25 thats was cool. had a little get together at the casa. some ass put relighting candles on the cake. what chore that was.
been doin more chillin and illin. kim h. had us hang and drink a few brews.. thats was really nice
one of my good buddies got married a few weeks back. well hell all my friends are gettin married.... arrrrg ..... thats pretty much what i have been doin all spring and summer. missed quite a few races cause of those darn things... got to be there for the free booze.. here is chuck getting made a fool on the start of the bachelor party nite. this is as g rated as it got and it was all down hill from there... honestly xxx by the end good times.............

here was another nite turned ugly. me and peed havin a little shot war. that nite mite have hurt my fitness a bit.
i grew a sweet stache for mustache may. had the foo man choo rockin.....

been goin to some concerts...... this was the start of the brett micheal show... jesse made it kinda shitty.....
but things turned around and got awesome quick.....
dont remember this one

well i suppose it was nice for you all to catch up.
plans for the weeks to come are go to clear lake sat. with titties and camp sat. nite after titties locks in the iowa cup at the crit. anybody want to join could be lots of fun. if you do let me know. then sunday after the road race and i win the hed wheels its off to wisconsin for a week of superweek and titties. comin back just in time for ragbrai. anybody wants to ride with me on certian days for that? i cud stand havin a drinkin buddy or twelve. let me know on days for tht too. then finally back home to nurse the saddle sores.
well i'm out
wonder if titties and the b2u boys are celebrating it up beaver style after winning the ttt.....


give me a minute

as soon as i get my damn computer fixed ill post somethin for ya. its taken me like twenty minutes to upload a f-ing photo. and since i think its lame that you cant look at some sweet pics when u read me retarded posts u'll just have to wait a few days.....

wonder if titties is all jacked up like a spider monkey......


party time

ah titties
wonder if titties will ever drink margaritas as big as his head again.....


ridin w titz

crazy kids

hit the streets with titties today. listened to him complain about sunday blah blah blah. it was fun though. he had to rush back to ames to go to school. i miss him already....



wonder if titties will ever party before races again......


todays the day

i just cant get the time to ride.
i just cant get the time to train.
i just cant get the money to go.
todays the day i say good bye to bike racing................

wonder if titties will be ok..........



got me some new grips

thanks 4 da hook up j.k. i got to tell yeah these things feel amazing and i cant wait to tear up some single track with the palms resting on these beautys....



wonder if titties will ride sum single track w/ me this year.......


im not done!! hahahah

wonder if titties is an artist......


nothing bike related

last nite i went out with sum buddys from work to enjoy quater wings at our local watering hole. one of my buddies had asked me if i had ever had a moscow mule. i hadnt and so we ordered one up. they bring this thing out in this copper cup and i was like what the hell is this. but looks can be deceiving. it was magnificent. next time you go out for sum cocktails, no not cock bryan, order one of these babies up cause they are mmmm mmmm good. well after being introduced to that we were down to the saloon, our friend jaybo was preparing to eat a hundred wings in a half hour. you see a few weeks back he bet me he could do it and i told him no fuckin way...... so after lots of argueing and lots of beer the bet was made. and last night was the day of truth. look at all the greasy nasty goodness? well he tore into um like a mad man and in the first ten minutes he tore threw forty of um. i was like oh shit this is gonna cost me.

but you see the game of competitive eatin you need to have endurance and he burnt is candle to quick and after sixty he was done. i was impressed with a sixty count. i could barely eat a dozen.
i bet his toilet is feelin the hurt today. i guess he did put his money where his mouth was. but i think with some practice he could get to the century mark.
well off to enjoy my day off
wonder if titties has superimposed his face on anything else......